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IPA Suggests Drugs Controller to Utilise Services of Pharmacists for OTC Medicines

Indian Pharmacist Association in a representation to Drugs Controller of India suggested that Pharmacists can provide Free of cost Services to Patients in selecting the desired OTC medicine.

Recently a sub-committee of Drugs Consultative Committee (DCC), constituted by the Union Health Ministry to define the Over-the-Counter (OTC) drugs, has recommended to classify the OTC drugs into two separate categories. One for those that can be sold at grocery shops and the other that can be sold at Pharmacies by registered pharmacists only.

DCC wants to promote self-care and to reduce the treatment cost, therefore recommended to sell medicines at grocery shops.

Bhupendra Kumar, General Secretary of Indian Pharmacist Association (IPA) on the other hand suggested that there is need of only on OTC list and these OTC medicine should be sold by registered pharmacists in their pharmacies only thus reducing the treatment cost without compromising patient safety. Expert services of Registered Pharmacists are available without any additional fees and pharmacists are able to advice required medicine by counselling a patient about his medical history, any other ailment, allergy to any food or drugs, drug interaction etc.




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